Godrej & Boyce, the holding company of the Godrej Group was established more than a century ago in 1897. Over the years, the group diversified into many other businesses, from locks and office furniture to soaps and software services. A company built by four generations of a close-knit business family, Godrej is today a household name in the country. Adi Godrej is the man who heads the Godrej Group. He is the man who has successfully grown the family business group into becoming one of the largest business groups in India.


Adi, a Management Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He runs the Godrej companies with a passion, which is unparalleled. He joined the family business after his education, and worked his way up under the tutelage of his father- Burjor Godrej. And Naval Godrej who he considers his business guru. Both these People were instrumental in evoking the genius in Adi, which helped him tremendously in his formative years. Adi’s passion for growth has made Godrej a company with a huge international presence.

    Today, the Godrej group has business operations in over 50 countries and representative offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Oman, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Adi spends plenty of time travelling and has travelled to over 70 countries. But Adi ensures that this amount of travel does not strain him too much. He once said, “If I am on business and have a weekend free, I just walk around new destinations. It is something I enjoy doing. My passion for travel has taken me to around 70 odd countries. I have made friends in various nations, understood many new cultures and experimented with numerous cuisines.” This is an amazing insight into the life of a professional who enjoys his work and makes the most of it. Adi is a disciplined professional who believes in virtues like punctuality and commitment.

    At the same time, he is completely open to change, especially the change that has been swept in by technology. His organization is constantly evolving, and is receptive and adaptable to changes brought in by the global economy too. In spite of the mammoth size of the business that Adi managers, he is very well organized in his work, and his desk is uncluttered at all times. Adi also believes in delegation of authority, and expects his managers to be fair and Prompt in decision-making.
He said," The challenge of the future is to use our brand image and success, while simultaneously creating a modern, efficient, young and consumer-centric organization which can further create a momentum of growth in the future." In spite of all this, Adi has never stopped learning. He believes that learning is a never ending process. He does not believe in having idols, but does respect Margaret Thatcher, Jack Welch and industrialists JRD Tata and Dhirubhai Ambani.

    On the topic of learning, he once he said – “You can learn so much from the present generation and from your juniors. I must admit that it was my grandson who actually instilled the attribute of patience in me, which has helped me significantly to perform better at work. He has taught me things in management that no business school or management book can ever teach." This is an example of his modesty and willingness to learn more.

    Under Adi Godrej’s leadership, the group is also involved in philanthropic activities. Not only is the Group a major supporter of the World Wildlife Fund in India, it has also developed a green business campus in the Vikhroli township of Mumbai, which includes a 150 acre mangrove forest and a school for the children of company employees. The Group has also helped set up the Confederation of Indian Industry Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Center and the Indian School of Business, both in Hyderabad.

    Adi is very close to his family, and has both his daughters, Tanya and Nisa, work with him in the management team of Godrej. Whenever time permits, he goes water skiing with his family. Adi likes to take vacations in exotic locations with friends and family. But, work for Adi is still the biggest ecstasy that life has offered him. His elegantly appointed office holds an alluring fascination for him even today. In Adi’s words – “I look forward to the challenge of yet another Monday morning at work. I enjoy every day spent here.”

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