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Good Evening Text Messages

smile at whom i like...

I cry for whom i care...

I share with whom i love...

I laugh with whom i enjoy...

I msg whom i dont want to miss...

Good Eve :-)

KAL Raat Chaand

Bilkul AAP Jaisa Tha...


Wohi khubsurti,

Wohi Nur,

Wohi Ghurur,



Aap Ki Tarha

DUR..... Goodevening

A simple good evening becomes a

special greeting when someone so

dear it is heartily given, because you

have to me a wonderful meaning.

Good Evening

KAL Raat Chaand

Bilkul AAP Jaisa Tha...


Wohi khubsurti,

Wohi Nur,

Wohi Ghurur,



Aap Ki Tarha

DUR..... Goodevening


ALFRED NOBEL's wife ran away with a MATHS PROFESSOR...

:-) Funny but Fact !! Good evening !!

"When its not given in a right time,


When its not asked in right time..

u'll miss something /someone PRECIOUS in ur Life..."

5 baate Parents ki jo ap jaiso ko pasnd nahi

1-Itna late kyu?

2-Itne paise kisliye?

3-kiska call tha?

4-kahan ja raheho?

5-Dekho"Shama" se kuch sikho. Gud eve!

Easy to cry in pain,

Easy to laugh in joy


Crying in joy & laughing in pain shows the real deepness of situations & ability of a person :-)

Gud evening !!

Kya socha tha SMS nahi ayega, Socha hoga K ae Dost yunhi Bhul jayega. A to Adat hai hamari Satane ki varna, Aapsa pyara Dost koun bhulana chahega...Gud eve !

Welcome To evening

Happy welcome To Fresh Evening

Great welcome To New evening

Loveloy welcome To Nice evening

Wish you

Gud Evening

Friendshp is not having a gang of people around U...

It is best to have one heart which is true,..

Thinking of U


Always cares for U... Gud evening !!

Fact of life -

"Poor man runs 4his daily food, While a Rich man runs 2digest his daily food"..

What a world.... ! Gud evenin... !!

Never choose a dear one without understanding and never loose a dear one because of misunderstanding…

Good evening

2concepts 4a truly happy life:


1.Use things,not people.


2.Love people,not things...

Gud Evng Guysss

Ye Shaam ...Mastani...Madhosh Kiye


Mujhe Dor Koi Khiche...Teri Or...Liye


Good Evening Friends..

Fir Kaha Jud Pate Hai Wo Dil Jo Ek

Baar Toot Jate Hai...

AyE DostO

Jitni Bhi Sawaro QabrO

Koi Zinda Nahi Hota..!

Good Evening Friendsss

Koi Daulat Pe Naaz Karta Hai

Koi Shoharat Pe Naaz Karta Hai

Jisko Milte Hai Humare Msgs

Woh Apni Kismat Pe Naaz Karta Hai….

Good Evening

Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love and neglect the ones who love us bcoz We r sure we’ll never loss them

strange but very true

Good evening

when i was a child,

none of my frnds had a watch.


they had time.

now they all have branded watches.


none of them have time..!

gud evening...

A true sentence from a real friend.. 'All the persons are not my friends. But my friend is not just like all other persons.... Gud evening !!

An Arabian proverb:-

A true well Friend is ""ONE who talks abt ur weakness in front of U, &&& Talks about ur strength in front of others"".... Gud evening :-)

Gud evening !





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